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Special $3,000 Scholarships for Oman Fall 2014 Program!

AMIDEAST Education Abroad is pleased to announce that applicants for the Fall 2014 Area & Arabic Language Studies Program in Muscat, Oman will be given special consideration for several $3,000 scholarships made in the form of a tuition reduction. Both program and scholarship application deadlines are on April 15, 2013. In order to be considered for this scholarship, applicants must submit the following materials to DocsEdAbroad@amideast.org:

1) A completed scholarship application form, available HERE,
2) On a separate page, include a 500 word, typed, single-spaced, essay on your financial need. Details are provided in the application.
3) A resume

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Announcing New Courses for Fall 2014 in Jordan!

Jordan: Food and Culture in the Middle East and North Africa (Anthropology 360)

Ever wonder about the significance of falafel? Want to know more about mansaf (or how to eat it)? Then this could be the course for you! Students who enroll in this course will turn the anthropologist’s eye to the often-overlooked practice of eating, exploring what, how, when, and where Jordanians eat various foods and meals. The course will also feature a number of weekly themes. For example, students may spend a week focusing on beverages, or the production and consumption of a specific food item. Finally, the course will include an exploration of how recent developments such as food tourism, television cooking shows, and globalization of food tastes have both shaped and been shaped by eating habits in the region. This delicious course will only be offered during the Fall semester of 2014, so make sure to complete your Fall application soon! 

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Summer 2014 Application Deadline Extended - Morocco and Oman Programs

AMIDEAST Education Abroad announces that the application deadline has been extended to April 15, 2014 for the following summer programs:

Intensive Arabic in Rabat, Morocco
Intensive Arabic in Muscat, Oman

Please note that the application deadline will not be extended for the Intensive Arabic in Amman, Jordan program as it is nearly full. Summer 2014 scholarship applications will also not be extended past March 15, 2014. If you are interested in an AMIDEAST Need-Based Scholarship, please return your completed application in as soon as possible.

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Spring 2014 Blog Abroad Correspondents Announced!

AMIDEAST Education Abroad is proud to announce our Spring 2014 Blog Abroad Correspondents. Three students have been selected to write about their semester studies and adventures in Amman, Rabat, and Muscat.

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Summer and Fall 2014 Applications Now Open

AMIDEAST Education Abroad is now accepting applications for Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Academic Year 2014-15 programs in the Arab world. Applications for Summer programs will be accepted until March 15, 2014 while applications for Fall and Academic Year programs will be accepted until April 15, 2014:


Intensive Arabic in Amman, Jordan

Intensive Arabic in Rabat, Morocco

Intensive Arabic in Muscat, Oman

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AMIDEAST Offers Special Scholarships for Oman Programs

AMIDEAST Education Abroad is excited to continue to offer several scholarship opportunities for Spring 2014 program applicants! To kick off our new Muscat, Oman Area & Arabic Language Studies Program, AMIDEAST will be offering special scholarships for applicants to this program.


Special Scholarships for Oman Students

We are excited to announce that we will be awarding several special $2,000 need-based scholarships for participants on the Area & Arabic Language Studies Program in Muscat, Oman. Awards will be made in the form of a program fee reduction.


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AMIDEAST Opens New Art and Politics Course in Jordan

AMIDEAST is excited to announce a new course offering, Art and Politics in the Arab World since 1970 (ART 370), on the Area & Arabic Language Studies Program in Amman, Jordan.. The course will focus on three different contemporary time periods; Post Arab-Israeli war of the 1970’s, Post Lebanese Civil war in the 1990’s, and the Egyptian “revolution” from 2011 to present day. Considering mainly the Levant and Egypt, this course will explore the non-traditional contemporary arts that are used for political expression. Throughout the course, emphasis is given to visual arts, urban music, political cartoons, street art, and poster productions.

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AMIDEAST Fall 2013 Photo Contest is Accepting Submissions!


1. All contestants must be current or previous students on an AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program in the Arab World.

2. All contestants must "Like" the AMIDEAST Facebook page: Study Abroad in the Arab World.

3. All past students must register with the AMIDEAST Alumni Association in order to be eligible.

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