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Welcome to AMIDEAST Education Abroad Resources! The following pages are designed to assist prospective and current students, study abroad advisors, and parents. Whether you are applying or preparing for a program, looking for course descriptions, or wanting to request a catalog; the Resources section is for you. Below is a brief description of the information that can be found on each specific Resource page.

Program Catalog

This page provides a link to an AMIDEAST catalog request form, which allows potential students and study abroad staff to request AMIDEAST Education Abroad catalogs to be mailed to a physical address.


Resources For Parents

Sending your child abroad for an extended period of time often brings up many concerns and questions. We encourage parents of prospective and current students to visit this page to learn more about parent contact policies and AMIDEAST's approach to safety and security. In addition, this page will provide articles and resources on what to expect as a parent when your child is studying abroad.



This page provides information regarding the types of AMIDEAST scholarships, application deadlines, and links to external scholarship resources.


Transcripts and Grades

On this page, current students, program alumni, and study abroad advisors can find a detailed explanation of AMIDEAST grade reports and the process by which students receive their grades after an AMIDEAST program. If your institution requires a transcript from U.S. institution, this page provides detailed information on AMIDEAST’s Institution of Record (IoR), Northeastern University. A list of AMIDEAST course equivalencies with Northeastern University is also provided on this page, as well as a detailed AMIDEAST course catalog.