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Academic Calendar



JORDAN: Area & Arabic Language Studies, Spring 2016

Friday, January 15

Students Depart US

Saturday, January 16

Students Arrive in Jordan

Sunday, January 17

Orientation Begins

Thursday, January 21

Move in with Host Families or to Shared Student Apartments

Sunday, January 24

Classes Begin

Thursday, January 28

Last Day to Add/Drop a Course

Sunday, February 7

Northern Excursion

Thursday, February 18

Last Day to Drop a Course Without Getting a 'W' on Grade Report1

Monday-Tuesday February 29- March 1Southern Excursion

Sunday-Thursday, March 13-17

Spring Break  (No classes)

Thursday, March 24

Last Day to Drop a Course to Receive a “W” Grade2

Wednesday-Thursday, April 20-21

Biblical Excursion

Sunday, May 1Labor Day and Easter Sunday in Jordan (No classes)

Monday-Thursday, May 2-5

Final Exams

Sunday-Thursday, May 8-12

Reflection Week (classes meet)

 Thursday, May 12

Final Day of Program

Friday, May 13

Students Depart Jordan3


1Students can withdraw from courses on or before this date without receiving a “W” (for withdrawal) grade on his/her grade report, provided he/she is still enrolled for the minimum number of credits required for the AMIDEAST program. Should a student choose to withdraw from a course on or before this date, the course will not appear on the student’s grade report. After this date, no course may be deleted from the student’s permanent AMIDEAST academic record. Courses dropped after this date will appear with the grade of “W” on the grade report.

2 This is the withdrawal deadline. Once the withdrawal deadline has passed, the student may not drop a course to receive a “W” on his/her grade report. After this date, a letter grade will be assigned based on the student’s performance in the course. A student will receive a failing grade (F) if he/she stops attending a course, fails to take a final examination, and/or fails to turn in required work.

3At the end of the AMIDEAST Education Abroad program students are free to travel either back to their home country or to other locations. After the day indicated as the day students depart (typically following the final day of the program), students are responsible for all of their own transportation, housing, insurance, and other logistical arrangements. Students should note that after the departure day noted on the academic calendar, their program-provided insurance coverage will end and they must arrange for accommodations outside of AMIDEAST shared apartments or with AMIDEAST host families.

*Note: Muslim holidays are approximate; precise dates depend on the sighting of the new moon.


All dates are subject to change.

The fall 2016 calendar will be available in early 2016.