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What is the ITP?
Institutional Testing Program TOEFL® ITP (usually referred to as ITP), is designed for intermediate and advanced students of English. ITP is a multiple-choice test that measure listening comprehension, structure and written expression, and reading comprehension. ITP test takes 115 minutes to complete.

Where do I get an ITP examinee handbook?
AMIDEAST Kuwait maintains a supply of test handbooks with information about the ITP. Information on the exam content is also available on the TOEFL® Web site.

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AMIDEAST's Training Center offers workshops and seminars that develop the skills and knowledge needed in today's business environment. We provide highly skilled and qualified instructors who are recognized leaders within their professions. Seminars are interactive, emphasizing group communication and participation. AMIDEAST also develops tailored courses for a particular company or industry, based on their specific needs. Our training programs seek to engage people, empower leaders, enable the workforce, strengthen competitiveness, and accelerate professional development. 

Currently, we are offering the following courses:


Ten good reasons to study at AMIDEAST:

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Citi Foundation AWEP Program

Arab Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP)

Are you a woman about to start a business?  Have you just started a business?

Apply now to qualify for a fully-funded training program


The Arab Women’s Entrepreneurship Project (AWEP) is a Citi Foundation-funded initiative, implemented by AMIDEAST in Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, and the UAE.  In each country 20 women will compete to be selected to participate in the program and receive:  

13 Days of training on business skills, conducted in Arabic, including topics such as:

  • What makes a successful entrepreneur
  • How to register a business in Kuwait  
  • How to fund a new business or business growth
  • How to assess risk and feasibility
  • Strategic planning
  • Accounting and cash flow
  • Customer service
  • Sales skills

In addition:

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