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AMIDEAST has operated continuously in Egypt for over 50 years. With main offices in Cairo and Alexandria and branches in Dokki and Heliopolis, AMIDEAST provides programs and services to Egyptians interested in exploring U.S. study opportunities and enhancing their communications and managerial skills for personal and professional advancement.

Academic and Cultural Exchange

For over 50 years,we have helped students and professionals benefit from the many scholarship opportunities and exchange programs between the U.S. and Middle East.

English Language Training

If you would like to improve your English to succeed in your studies, business, or just for fun, join the thousands of others in the Middle East benefiting from our courses.

Test Preparation Courses

Programs for individuals and groups provide specialized courses tailored to improve skills required for successful completion of standardized tests for academic and English language proficiency.

Study in the U.S.

Find out everything you need to know about pursuing your education at American colleges or universities. Whether you are a graduate, undergraduate, or professional interested in studying in the U.S., you can always visit our EducationUSA center to guide you through the entire process.

Take a Test

As representative for the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Prometric and other testing organizations, we administer more than 150,000 language, aptitude, achievement and professional qualifying exams each year in the Middle East.

Professional Training and Development

AMIDEAST provides professional development solutions and opportunities for business professionals, students, executives, and entrepreneurs. Our programs provide individuals with skills they need to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

HR and Admin Assistant

The HR and Admin Assistant role is to assist the HR Department with the completion of the day-to-day operations of the Personnel duties and responsibilities to maintain proper compliance with the Egyptian labor law and the HR internal policies and procedures.

Exchange Program Coordinator

Leads the Exchange Program Department, overseeing the administration of all AMIDEAST Egypt exchange programs and initiating and implementing new and innovative programs that serve the people of Egypt, all of which are funded through U.S. government grants, private grants, or individual fee-for-service payments. Activities include announcing, recruiting, selecting, and administering programs while managing budgets, making strategic decisions regarding approach and processes, and building strong networks with partners.

IT Intern

The fundamental task of the IT Intern is to ensure that computers technology equipment and systems work reliably and smoothly, facilitating the work of personnel and causing the least disruption possible to staff and clients of AMIDEAST. The IT Intern also assists in maintaining all Assets equipment and related peripherals and activities.

Technical Specialist

Job Title

Technical Specialist                

Position Classification

Full time

Unit / Department



US Summer Camp

We are not currently accepting applications. Please check this page for updates.

Summer Camp in the United States

Global Youth Village, Virginia and Washington D.C.

  • Have fun
  • See the U.S.
  • Practice English
  • Make new friends
  • Prepare for university

Register Now!

Deadline May 20, 2014

  •  Make new American and international friends
  • Experience a traditional U.S.

Competitive College Club (CCC)

We are not currently accepting applications. Please check this page for updates.

Are you graduating from high school in June 2015 and hoping to attend an undergraduate program at a university in the United States?


If you are, now is the time to consider different schools and begin to prepare for the application process! The majority of U.S. universities request applications before January 2015. We know that applying to a U.S. university can be a daunting process and gaining admission is extremely competitive, so we have designed a program to help you prepare.

Call Center Agent

Job Title: Call Center Agent

Department: Customer Service                             

Immediate Supervisor: Customer Service Team Leader

Location: AMIDEAST Cairo Office, Egypt                                 





English Language Resource Center (ELRC), Al-Azhar University

AMIDEAST administers the English Language Resource Center (ELRC) at Al-Azhar Univrsity. The center provides intensive English language instruction to junior faculty members from Islamic and Arabic Studies, among other faculties, as well as teacher training to select Al-Azhar graduates from the Faculty of Language and Translation. The English Language Resource Center (ELRC) at Al-Azhar University began in 2007 as a joint initiative between the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and Al-Azhar University to increase the English proficiency levels of junior faculty members.

Program Areas: 

Eligible Tomorrow’s Leaders Fields of Study 2013 – 2014 School Year



The following are the ONLY majors available under the Tomorrow’s Leadership (TL) Scholarship for students beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.  Available majors are listed by university.



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